Friday, 3 July 2009

wall of sweet peas for Emma

In a previous post, back in February, I talked about my love for sweet peas. It is a mixture of childhood memories - when I used to spend every Sunday morning at my grandads allotment picking crops for hours - and also their sweet simplicity and scent. Anyway, this spurred myself and a client (hi Emma) to grow some from seed and have ready for her July wedding - and it has worked, so now we have large crops to place in small porcelain vases for the centre of the tables as well as positioning them on napkins. Soooo if you are getting married next year and are working to a bit of a tight budget then you may want to consider growing your own flowers and get the whole family involved so you are not just relying on your own bloom!!!! The other bonus is that I now have a wall of sweet peas situated in my favourite spot of the garden so I can enjoy their colour and scent in the early evening.....heaven.....has anyone else grown their own florals for their day or an occasion?

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