Saturday, 24 September 2011

NEW afternoon tea collection......

...if you follow this blog you will know that September is my design 'New Year' - it's where I look back and reflect and start to bring all those ideas that have only been scribbles in sketchbooks to life and new collections are launched.

So here is the second introduction for 2012/2013 (click here to see the first). It is a combination of a printed card with small areas of fabric collage as decoration from vintage and retro fabrics. The base colour can be produced in a colour of your choice but must be a pastel/deep pastel shade. The price for this range is from £4.50 per invitation, this includes the envelope and your guest's names typed into the insert. This collection will not be avaialble to see on the web site until November but orders can be taken for this new collection from today. You can contact me at to discuss the collection and any ideas you may have. Sample packs are available for the price of £5.00 and includes an invitation and a place card. The £5.00 charge is redeemable against orders over £250.00.
You can also have any wording of your choice printed onto the front too and will also be available as a thank you card. I also have a range of greetings cards that is currently on the shelves to purchase over at my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

10% discount over at The Vintage Drawer store

I have been working like the busiest bee to stock more snippets of linens over at The Vintage Drawer store. So yesterday I decided to offer all my followers of this little blog, twitter and facebook a little 10% dicount on any purchases made before midnight on Sunday 25th September. There's lots of items, from wedding reception products, to birthday gifts, greetings cards, gifts to yourself, christmas stocking fillers, crochet brooches if you fancy re-vamping your winter coat or cardi....all you have to do is enter LINEN in the coupon code box at checkout....

Sunday, 18 September 2011

vintage love additions to the greetings card collection over on the Etsy shop shelves...
The new catalogue of invitations from the card version of The Vintage Drawer collection
will be available beginning of October, (see previous post here for details)
let me know if you would like to see a copy once ready by email me at

Monday, 5 September 2011

armchair journeys #8

...I have not posted an 'armchair journeys' for a while - the reason - well, this is a collection of posts to introduce you to places that I like to visit when I sit and browse through web sites, not knowing where one will take me and where another will lead me to - and the problem is I have simply not had a moment to indulge in being extravagant with time, as there's been no spare minutes or hours, which is a good thing as it means I have been busy being a mad ol' stationer.

However, September for me is a research month, where I re-collect my thoughts and plan for the seasons ahead, new marketing ventures, new samples to produce, new collections to design, new products to explore.....

So here it is armchair journeys #8: kristen marie.

Let me introduce you to Kristen Tourtillotte, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Seattle - a bit long distance I know - but these fabulous photographers are willing to travel. If like me you fall in love with her work, then the price of a plane ticket may be something to consider.

Kristen's work is so beautiful, capturing all the emotion, the intimacy, you can almost hear the conversation of the people in the photographs, feel as if you can tell the time of day from the light captured..... I contacted Kristen and she has kindly given me permission to show you a snippet of her work here on my blog. When I first discovered this amazing lady I spent nearly an hour on her site during my first visit, so you have been warned! So pull up a chair, a pot of tea, and enjoy, be inspired, be moved, take your time and travel through the months that are stored in her photographic log.....

The NEW Vintage Drawer Card Range

Well, it is the first week of my research and design month - today I have been working on the introduction of a card range to The Vintage Drawer.

(1) a card invitation range so clients can have the option to select between this option and the linen invitations or a mix of them both. Each invitation will be decorated by hand so each card is unique and different. So if you require 40 invitations you will select from the e-catalogues 40 seperate invitation covers. The price for these will be £5.00 and includes the insertion of your guests names and envelope.

(2) introduces the new line of Vintage Drawer greetings cards, again all hand made and each card a one-off. Each design includes a blank insert with a watermark print on both sides and envelope and will be £3.85. Available over at Etsy from Wednesday. From 'birthday' to 'vintage love' to 'anniversary' to 'wedding day'............ - lots and lots and lots of choice for all occasions. So this is one good reason for following this blog and stopping by every so often - you get to see the 'new ideas' first. I'd really love to know what you think. There will be a few more larger images available to see over on my Facebook page in The Vintage Drawer Album.
If you would like to receive a sample of the new Vintage Drawer card invitations please email me at and I will send you payment details as there is a charge for this sample of £5.00 which is refundable against any order placed.

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