Monday, 30 January 2012

the filing cabinet interviews #0001

image credit - Emily Quinton

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Well, given that a day trip to Tuscany isn't really the sensible option....I'd have to say a day on the Suffolk coast with my family. Starting with fish and chips and a little shopping in Aldeburgh, then on to Southwold for a walk along the beach and pier with an ice-cream. Maybe rent a beach hut for the afternoon? Oh and then off to the Adnams shop to purchase a tipple or two for the evening.

Rochester. It's a place steeped in history and, whilst it doesn't always get the greatest wrap in Kent, it boasts the most stunning Cathedral, castle and connections with Charles Dickens. My favourite shops are Fieldstaffs (the ultimate shop bar none) and Hometown, my crafting mecca.

image credit - eye imagine photography

image credit - devlin photos

image credit - devlin photos

image credit - devlin photos

image credit - emma case

It's got to be Paul's hot chocolate and a large pistachio macaroon. Seriously indulgent but they do the best hot chocolate outside of Italy. Fact.

Last year a very special magazine came into my life. Mollie Makes. THANK YOU! Finally a crafting magazine that appeals to the younger generation as well as the old, it's made it sexy again! Now I am back to knitting and embroidery and loving this new lease of creativity it's giving me. Most of my weddings have a handmade element to them anyway but it's wonderful to take my creativity away from bridal from time to time.

I really can't think of a title soundtrack because that's literally TOO hard,
however, this track would introduce the opening credits.
'Mr Magic' by Amy Winehouse,
from the album Frank, which I wish I'd written.
And to play me? Naoimi Harris!
(I get the Halle Berry comparison all the time but I think Naoimi is a better actress!)
Image credit: Gossip Rocks

I am and have been obsessed with Lobster and Swan for some years now. Jeska and I have had the opportunity to meet once at a bridal event I did and she ran a competition to win my styling for a photoshoot last year. She is so talented, her vision and creativity is enviable and I'd give anything to snoop around her house....oh and meet her kittens!

Oh that's such an unfair question - I have so many! Do I really have to pick one?! Hmmmm ok....then it has to be this beautiful tumbling mound of ranunculous, without doubt my favourite flower, they look like delicious scoops of sorbet ice cream. I'm drawn to bright colours that pop and I love the composition of this photograph.

Again, really difficult to choose. I'm going through another roots music period in my life
(I used to play folk violin when I was younger) so a couple of my top 5 right now are:

But I'm a funk, soul girl at heart...
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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Introducing 'The Wedding Institute'......

There's a little new buzz of excitement coming to the North East/North Yorkshire...
Introducing to you....
The Wedding Institute at The Village Hall
Creative  .  Vintage Inspired  .  'Colour-fully' different  
A wedding fair experience that will leave you inspired.
Tea room and fabulous music too....

Sunday April 29th 2012
Saltburn Community Hall, Saltburn-by-Sea, North Yorks.

Tickets £5.00 pre-registration only
Available from end of February
only 170 available

If you are a bride to be who would like to book tickets
and I can email you when the tickets go on sale.
Website coming soon!!


pinboard palettes

the studio is full of colour for a bright floral season

...getting back to the drawing board for the

new printed stationery collection available March 2012.....

Friday, 27 January 2012

just because - i fancy some company!!

They're here - The Workshops and Play Days - I am opening the doors to my home studio - fancy a day or two or three or four to be creative, make your own version of The Vintage Drawer or are you a business in need of a little guidance - pages above for you to browse!! If you have any questions at all please email me at so who's coming for some fun!!??

Thursday, 26 January 2012

studio details - The Filing Cabinet Interviews.....

I love reading, but these days the idea of burying myself in the pages of a good book is something that only tends to happen when on holiday. The extent of my reading consists of me scanning the pages of the Sunday supplements for a maximum of 15 minutes before I go to sleep. 15 minutes is all it takes for me to fall into a deep slumber, it is all my brain allows before I am unplugged and in re-charging mode.
I scan these pages in delight, searching for fabulous imagery, little quirks of information, new influences, recommendations, food (love reading about food), reviews, interesting music and most importantly interviews. I love those one page interviews. The ones that give you an insight into the world beyond the day job. I am nosey (full-stop). I am the type of person who likes to walk the dog in the early evening, on a winter's night, just so I can see how people have decorated their sitting rooms - I love how the same built house can look so different depending on the characters of the people who live in them. (I know I shouldn't really admit to that!!)

You may or may not know. But this is my first full year of actually been able to run my business as a normal working person, my Mum duties have now reduced during the day. My youngest daughter, Mia, started school full time last September. So, since January, my little blog has changed. To extend my nosyness there will be a new start to the week over here called "The Filing Cabinet Interviews". An idea I initiated on Sunday morning and by Tuesday morning had 34 ladies and gentlemen all committing to this little project. For the remaining weeks of 2012, every Monday, there will be someone here to take you on a different journey to new places of interest, new music, new influences and a little visual indulgence. There's stylists, gallery curators, wallpaper designers, writers, bloggers, wedding planners, ice-cream van owners, dress designers, bakers and cake makers, photographers and people who are just simply 'fabulous' spread the word for me won't you!!!? and I will see you here on Monday at 9 o'clock in the morning for file number one..... who will it be????? Have a guess in the comments below and win yourself a 'love brooch' from The Vintage Drawer if you get it right!!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

armchair journeys #12

'The Start-up Wife' - Emily Quinton

I know a lady, well I say I know her, I feel as if I know her. I have yet to have a conversation face to face but I have followed/admired Emily Quinton closely (without stalking I may add) for what seems like a fair few years, although it may only be a cluster of months. I adore Emily's photography, not only her weddings but also her beautiful floral art prints. I am desperate to learn more about my camera so I can indulge in attending one of her courses. It is an aspiration at least. But most of all I love how she shares her life, just wonderful little whispers of her beautiful family. What is the most delightful thing is that Emily has recently began a new blog - 'The Start-up Wife' - as a work at home Mum I love seeing other people's 'coping' mechanisms, how other families operate, to hopefully be inspired, to feel the same, to see that at times, when I think my own family isn't normal, there I see everyone else spinning the same plates. So The Start-up Wife is where I'd like to take you this week, all tooked up in your armchair with your laptop on knee and a warming cup on the coffee table....

Here's how the name for her blog came about....

"My name is Emily and some of you may know me as a photographer. I am also the wife of a wonderful, very smart man and together we have three beautiful young children. When people ask me what my husband does, I often stumble. Right now he is the co-founder of a very successful start up in London, He is, you might say, a start-up addict. He's brilliant at coming up with ideas and making things happen. This is both amazing, exciting and brilliant, and scary, stressful and often risky.
We live the start-up life, the entrepreneurial life. He's the part that goes out and makes fabulous things happen. I am the part that stays at home and keeps it all together. It's not easy. It takes a huge amount of energy, guts, risk taking, love, trust, strength and above all a belief in each other."

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

the making table

...a little bit of french love for the cotton and herb collection...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

pinboard palettes latest obsession is yellow. From mustard to canary, I just can't stop being drawn to it....

So when I was in Yarm last week, making a delivery, I walked passed Carl Banks and these little pom poms squeeked 'hello'. The colourists are right, yellow does make you happy. So I advice you to pop out right now and buy some yellow flowers and see if it works for you!! And if you do, let me know what you bought!! And can I just say how lovely it was to walk into this florists and be greeted with smiles - smiling is infectious!!!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

the business, my family and me...

This week I was interviewed by the lovely Annabel from Love My Dress for her 'Inspirational Women in Business' feature. I was thrilled to be asked and you can read the interview here. You may want to make a pot of coffee as I do warble on a bit!!...But if you read this blog and are thinking of starting up your own business you may find it a helpful read (especially if you have a family!)...

Friday, 20 January 2012

just because.....

.....I thought you may like another peak! of the last photo's taken on the shoot last week....

image credit: Becky Mitchell

Thursday, 19 January 2012

studio details

...this is how the studio looked today. Orders for packing, linens for sorting and dried flower petals that are remnants from last weeks photo shoot. They look so delicate and beautiful in their natural fading colour...and amazing with the orders from The Blossom Petal and French Corsage Collections...

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