Thursday, 26 January 2012

studio details - The Filing Cabinet Interviews.....

I love reading, but these days the idea of burying myself in the pages of a good book is something that only tends to happen when on holiday. The extent of my reading consists of me scanning the pages of the Sunday supplements for a maximum of 15 minutes before I go to sleep. 15 minutes is all it takes for me to fall into a deep slumber, it is all my brain allows before I am unplugged and in re-charging mode.
I scan these pages in delight, searching for fabulous imagery, little quirks of information, new influences, recommendations, food (love reading about food), reviews, interesting music and most importantly interviews. I love those one page interviews. The ones that give you an insight into the world beyond the day job. I am nosey (full-stop). I am the type of person who likes to walk the dog in the early evening, on a winter's night, just so I can see how people have decorated their sitting rooms - I love how the same built house can look so different depending on the characters of the people who live in them. (I know I shouldn't really admit to that!!)

You may or may not know. But this is my first full year of actually been able to run my business as a normal working person, my Mum duties have now reduced during the day. My youngest daughter, Mia, started school full time last September. So, since January, my little blog has changed. To extend my nosyness there will be a new start to the week over here called "The Filing Cabinet Interviews". An idea I initiated on Sunday morning and by Tuesday morning had 34 ladies and gentlemen all committing to this little project. For the remaining weeks of 2012, every Monday, there will be someone here to take you on a different journey to new places of interest, new music, new influences and a little visual indulgence. There's stylists, gallery curators, wallpaper designers, writers, bloggers, wedding planners, ice-cream van owners, dress designers, bakers and cake makers, photographers and people who are just simply 'fabulous' spread the word for me won't you!!!? and I will see you here on Monday at 9 o'clock in the morning for file number one..... who will it be????? Have a guess in the comments below and win yourself a 'love brooch' from The Vintage Drawer if you get it right!!!!


Zoe Grant said...

Such an exciting project! Can't wait to read the 'Files' :)
First person to interviewed, ummm maybe the wonderful Emily Quinton, Mrs Scoops or Annabel of Love My Dress??

I shall wait until Monday & read it on the train as I head to London!

Julie Cliff said...

Amazing!1 I will spread the word for you!

I have a sneaky suspicion its the wonderful Daisy Cupcakes!!! Cant wait to have a good read on Monday xxx

Something Forever said...

Sound interesting, really looking forward reading these interviews...I have absolutely no idea who it might be. Ignorance is bliss.

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