Monday, 30 January 2012

the filing cabinet interviews #0001

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Well, given that a day trip to Tuscany isn't really the sensible option....I'd have to say a day on the Suffolk coast with my family. Starting with fish and chips and a little shopping in Aldeburgh, then on to Southwold for a walk along the beach and pier with an ice-cream. Maybe rent a beach hut for the afternoon? Oh and then off to the Adnams shop to purchase a tipple or two for the evening.

Rochester. It's a place steeped in history and, whilst it doesn't always get the greatest wrap in Kent, it boasts the most stunning Cathedral, castle and connections with Charles Dickens. My favourite shops are Fieldstaffs (the ultimate shop bar none) and Hometown, my crafting mecca.

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It's got to be Paul's hot chocolate and a large pistachio macaroon. Seriously indulgent but they do the best hot chocolate outside of Italy. Fact.

Last year a very special magazine came into my life. Mollie Makes. THANK YOU! Finally a crafting magazine that appeals to the younger generation as well as the old, it's made it sexy again! Now I am back to knitting and embroidery and loving this new lease of creativity it's giving me. Most of my weddings have a handmade element to them anyway but it's wonderful to take my creativity away from bridal from time to time.

I really can't think of a title soundtrack because that's literally TOO hard,
however, this track would introduce the opening credits.
'Mr Magic' by Amy Winehouse,
from the album Frank, which I wish I'd written.
And to play me? Naoimi Harris!
(I get the Halle Berry comparison all the time but I think Naoimi is a better actress!)
Image credit: Gossip Rocks

I am and have been obsessed with Lobster and Swan for some years now. Jeska and I have had the opportunity to meet once at a bridal event I did and she ran a competition to win my styling for a photoshoot last year. She is so talented, her vision and creativity is enviable and I'd give anything to snoop around her house....oh and meet her kittens!

Oh that's such an unfair question - I have so many! Do I really have to pick one?! Hmmmm ok....then it has to be this beautiful tumbling mound of ranunculous, without doubt my favourite flower, they look like delicious scoops of sorbet ice cream. I'm drawn to bright colours that pop and I love the composition of this photograph.

Again, really difficult to choose. I'm going through another roots music period in my life
(I used to play folk violin when I was younger) so a couple of my top 5 right now are:

But I'm a funk, soul girl at heart...
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Alison said...

What a brilliant idea! Love the way you have presented it and loved reading all about Tiffany!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to find out a bit more about Tiffany ( "folk violin" fancy a duet with a rusty mandolin player?!).Really good idea, I love the format you've used. x

Jo Leversuch said...

Read this blog this morning, its certainly was an excellent monday morning start. Its fun, refreshing and interesting blog about Tiffany....

Claire Weir said...

Fabulous new blog Vicky, I love it, great way to find out about people... I'm soooo nosey ;-) xxx

vicky trainor and becky mitchell said...

Thank you ladies - and make here your first fix on a Monday morning - little paragraphs of fabulousness every week!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment!!xxxxx

jeska said...

Great to see all the things Tiff loves and can't wait to read more x

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