Friday, 29 April 2011

the union jack's a flying...

...celebrate together...
...families, communities, loved ones...

and if you are buying, mine's a ginger wine and soda
with a sprig of mint.
Cheers everyone!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

...for that romantic novel... are the new additions to the brochure sheets for the vintage 'love quote' bookmarks. They come with their own little cushioned buttoned box and are £6.00 each. A perfect little gift or that special little indulgent accessory to your romantic novel. We also produce these as favours for your guests and can include a personal quote of your choice or your names and your wedding date, there is no extra charge for this but we do ask that the minimum order for a favour order is for the quantity of 10 or more. If you would like to view the current brochure sheets or place an order for the vintage bookmarks then you can email me at

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"oh what the hell!!"

...I have, for what seems like an eternity, been saving for a new camera, 20p here, £20 there. Birthday Fund, Christmas Fund. So when I finally bought my gorgeous, beautiful and perfectly formed (can you tell I am in love yet) Canon on Saturday I felt quite shaky, flushed, a little bit naughty at the indulgence of it all, and very thankful. I have been 'very' patient with the savings process. Many a time I have talked myself out of the possible purchase as I have analysed accounts and the bank balance and bought more practical card and paper stock instead. 'But' after working endless hours, days and weeks since 1996 thought "what the hell!" here I am - 'me and my camera' - 'friends for life' about to go on many a journey together - all I have to do now is work out how to use the bloody thing (as you can see below)....anyone able to offer me free tutoring out there, and I mean FREE as I have spent all my money on my Canon and all the accessories that I didn't budget for.....!!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

"Grace & Glamour"

...back in March I received an email from the gorgeous Charley of the inspirational blog London Bride to ask me if I was interested in working with her on a little project that herself and FO Photography were currently working on. Of course I was absolutely thrilled...

"With a current focus on vintage, shabby chic and rustic wedding inspiration, Funmi and Adrian of FO Photography and Charley of London Bride were keen to work together on something different and came up with the concept of a perfectly pretty and utterly glamorous bridal shoot - Glamour & Grace. Taking place at the stunning Warren House venue in Surrey, the location was the perfect backdrop for the shoot with it's beautiful landscape, and grand chandeliers. Ballet has been a growing influencing trend amongst weddings so this was incorporated into the day with the styling and also through the use of natural light-filled photography that portrays the ethereal and graceful appearance of a bride".

After listening to their ideas and making notes and scribbles a collection of samples were created from both the The Vintage Drawer Collection and The Printed Collections. And so a box of 'pretty' was sent in a southerly direction...

...unfortunately I wasn't there for the shoot at Warren House, so can't give you any background gossip but if you would like to find out more about the photo shoot and to see more photographs from the day then pop over to London Bride and FO Photography's blog - you may want to put the kettle on before you do! Let me know your thoughts on the shoot or contact me if you have a little idea of your own that you would like to have a chat about !! Working on little projects like this (a) keeps me out of trouble and (b) makes a little ol' stationer very happy!!!!!! Enjoy!...

...floral styling by Pollen Nation...

hair and make up by Kaz Fernando

hair accessories from the fabulous Flo & Percy

...something sweet from Tempting Cake

bridal gowns from Charlotte Balbier

bridesmaids dresses from Two Birds Bridesmaid

Stylist - Charley of London Bride

Venue - Warren House

Photography - FO Photography

Florist - Pollen Nation

Hair & Make Up - Kaz Fernando

Bridal Gowns - Charlotte Balbier

Bridesmaids Dresses - Two Birds Bridesmaid

Hair Accessories - Flo & Percy

Cake & Biscuits - Tempting Cake

Stationery & Embroidery - Vicky Trainor

Models - Chloe, Lucy and Nancy

Thursday, 21 April 2011

I couldn't physically do it!!

...I love making the reception signs, especially when working on more bespoke items such as 'Pimms o'clock' above. Here are the latest to be added to the collection that are in pre-assembly point. I will be trying to work and build a new Etsy shop later this month, or probably more realistically May!?!

All these ideas whirl about, but it is frustrating that your brain works quicker than your hands. And time, time is always against me. Not too sure if it is due to the fact that I now have more in life to juggle at the gorgeously ripened age of 42 than I did when I was 28, or that I used to be able to work through the night - (massive bonus) - without it altering concentration levels the following day in the slightest and still be fresh faced in the morning!! Now I couldn't 'physically' do it, even if I wanted to - I tend to be asleep on the sofa by 10pm and I wouldn't describe myself as having a fresh face in the morning even after 20 hours sleep!! My beauty regime at the moment seems to consist of a hair brush, lipstick and a pot of coffee (which I know should be a 2 litre bottle of water)....

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ironing, Inbox and sea mist

...the unpacking has been done, the smell of Fairy non-biological is floating through the air and the ironing pile haunts me no matter which room I am in. I have spent the day being chief admin clerk and have finally, well almost finally, got to the bottom of my Inbox. I can't begin to tell you how good that feels. So tomorrow is the first 'official' day back to work where I will be actually making something. So while everyone on Twitter boasts at how wonderful the weather is I am about to walk to the shops surrounded by sea mist and it's chill.

I just wanted to say a little thank you to the wonderful blog Emmaline Bride (everything for the handmade bride!!) for their post on the invitations from The Vintage Drawer and also to Junk Shop Bride for posting one of our little 'smile please' reception signs (and to Carrie Bugg for the use of the fab pic)

...and on this wednesday afternoon I am a little excited about a post that will pop up over at London Bride tomorrow where you will be able to see small glimmers of the stationery (particularly the embroidered hoops) in a photo shoot called Glamour & Grace - a little feature will appear here too next week....

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