Thursday, 7 April 2011

a little addition to the vintage drawer

...we introduced the vintage drawer to the big wide world in February and we have had such a wonderful time working on this collection since then. We have been working during the last two weeks on these pretty little seed pouch creations for Lauren (you can read the story behind these pouches in a recent post here).

First the covers are cut from our stock of linens and the backs are taken from our little pile of vintage printed fabrics and are then matched together (for life!!). We then printed "violet may" on each pouch.
...the violet seeds were collected and wrapped in buttermilk tissue...

...some covers were further decorated with vintage and retro haberdashery finds...

...and then all were hand sewn togther...'s the first batch that we made above and below - all laid out ready to be packed... we have decided to introduce the seed pouches to our collection. We can place most varieties of seeds into the pouches, we suggest you enquire first as some seeds can be more expensive than others and the price may rise a little. You can have the choice of having the pouches decorated further with buttons, flowers, and pretty pieces of vintageness and a special word, or your names printed onto the front. Perfect little favours for your guests to keep, plant and nurture.

You could also opt for one of our decorated button boxes that would also contain a flat message card (you can choose a suitable design from our printed collections). The nature of this collection is to "re-cycle" and "up-cycle" and all our boxes are made from recyclable materials.


Embroidered Seed Pouch - £4.00

Embroidered Seed Pouch with added vintageness detailing - £4.75

Button Box & Message Card - please add £2.75

Minimum order is 10 pouches if supplied with button boxes

or 15 if you require seed pouches only.

Let me know if you would like to know more or have any questions regarding the vintage drawer collection. You can email me at

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