Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"oh what the hell!!"

...I have, for what seems like an eternity, been saving for a new camera, 20p here, £20 there. Birthday Fund, Christmas Fund. So when I finally bought my gorgeous, beautiful and perfectly formed (can you tell I am in love yet) Canon on Saturday I felt quite shaky, flushed, a little bit naughty at the indulgence of it all, and very thankful. I have been 'very' patient with the savings process. Many a time I have talked myself out of the possible purchase as I have analysed accounts and the bank balance and bought more practical card and paper stock instead. 'But' after working endless hours, days and weeks since 1996 thought "what the hell!"....so here I am - 'me and my camera' - 'friends for life' about to go on many a journey together - all I have to do now is work out how to use the bloody thing (as you can see below)....anyone able to offer me free tutoring out there, and I mean FREE as I have spent all my money on my Canon and all the accessories that I didn't budget for.....!!!!

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whitney-anne said...

a good camera is a beauitful thing! I've had mine for a good few years now and even dream about it! Digital is a doddle but there are always tutorials on youtube and loads of help online. I'm happy to help if I can though I use an olympus. Happy playing!

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