Friday, 24 February 2012

just because....

 ...just because I love to potter -
but today I can potter no more...
need to pack all these pretties and my cabinets into the car ready
for my 300 mile journey to Buckinghamshire....
There will be only one post next week -
Studio Details on Thursday,
as I need some time to work on projects and orders
and it is my little girls birthday too.
The Filing Cabinet Journeys will be back on Monday 5th March....

Thursday, 23 February 2012

studio details

Good morning - it's Thursday did you know??  I must admit I am quite shocked that we are closer to the end of the week than the beginning as this week has been a blur...

I am a little overwhelmed at the amount of projects and excitement that this year has contained so far.  Lots of little adventures, beautiful bespoke orders, the loveliest of people I have met, the new friends that have entered into my life... I have to admit I am a tad emotional as I type this, I worked hard over the last 18 months to place down the stepping stones to my little home studio run business that I now run full time.  I won't lie that it is easy, for any of you who are self employed will know that the hours are unkind, you miss out on lots of social occasions, you have to spin in a 'controlled way' lots of plates... but I won't waffle on about my ideas and thoughts of business you can read this in an article here (if you like).... I suppose what I am trying to say is that I am in a contented and happy place, I feel so lucky to work here in this 'private den' from sunrise to moonlight. 

I have had a busy time since January - a to do list that ran along the length of Windsor Road.  I am a little exhausted to say the least, a little drained-but in a good way, if that makes sense.  However,  I will receive a tonic of love, laughter, plenty of fun, a little mischief (because I am sharing a car with Becky Mitchell and Tea With Ruby) and amazing people this weekend as I pootle down the A19/A1/M1 to exhibit my wares at Mrs Scoops Vintage Fair all the way down to Buckinghamshire. I will also be meeting lots of lovely people from the wedding and creative industries at a little tweet up on Saturday night.  So I will paint my nails, brush my hair, look a little like 'a laydee' and will see you next week for a full report......

Here a few photos taken in the studio over the last couple of weeks......

a pretty little invitation order from The Vintage Drawer

 a stitched and collaged collection from The Cotton & Herb range

 a collection of 'love brooches' specially made for The Biscuit Factory's
Summer Exhibition in Newcastle upon Tyne
If you fancy making your own 'Love Brooch' you may want
to attend one of my The Vintage Drawer Workshops...

A collection of signs for Stylist/Author

 A new collection of cake ribbons busily being pinned and stitched

The setting up and workings out of the wedding fairs
I will be attending

...and a french corsage order all ready to be packed and posted to Belfast...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

armchair journeys #16

I have a friend - her name is Jane (Mrs Day),
8 years ago I made her stationery,
6 months ago she came back into my life when I
received a little email from her saying a simple
I love her, she makes me smile and her laughter is infectious....
and this is where you can start to love her as much as I do -
by visiting her cherished blog-
her ramblings, her journeys, her days.......
I introduce to you Tea With Ruby
(although you may know her already
she's a very popular girl)....
Cupboard Love

Wine Making Manual

Ariadne & Petunia

The Sitting Room Vintage Collection

Monday, 20 February 2012

the filing cabinet interviews #0004

dreamy.... Jolly... magical... sunny...kitsch...happy....

My perfect day........ when not working in Betty xx
A walk with my dog and the 3 men in my life xxx
A look round a few charity shops a rummage at a vintage fair...
followed by a good cuppa and a huge slice of cake..... pure bliss
Then I might hop on my rusty vintage bike with the biggest basket you have ever seen......
A sneaky hour or two sitting in my shed looking at the fields reading all the wonderful blogs out there in cyber space.... xxxx just dreamy heaven

In a little cottage by the seaside at Hope Cove xx with my 3 men and our dog 'little sid'... it's where our boys have holidayed since they were tiny x our secret beach x our little bubble x
If I am at home my favourite place is my little shed......... full of all my vintage finds... old photos and postcards... my bunting made by Elsie Sparrow, which always makes me smile. I met her at a vintage fair... I shouted out of the van 'I LOVE your dress and she shouted back carrying a rusty old bike and a chest of drawers I LOVE your van and the rest is history......
My shed is where my imagination runs wild i have at least 10 notepads with doodles and notes on what is next, what I have to do, who I LOVE this week !!

I LOVE ice cream.... good ice cream with chunks in xxxx cannot resist !!!
I cannot resist TEA and CAKE no matter how hard i try, which isnt that hard.....

The driving force behind me is always my Mum, she was strong and very brave......
I am living my life the way she didn't ever manage to do.... we shared the same dreams.... a quirky cottage big enough for two but full to the brim with LOVE and LAUGHTER..... and bits and bobs TUT my hubby calls it..... doing the things that make you smile.... in reality my mum never got this, she was a on-off single mother of 4 kids, she would turn her hand to anything, she had a wicked sense of humour and an honesty like no other......... I am truly thankful to have spent 32 years with such a wonderful women xxx a true gift xxx
My other inspiring peole I share this journey with are my cyber friends, of which I used to be very wary. I am not very technical and a computer scared me... still kinda does but I have made so many friends on those social media sites xx
So many talented quirky souls dreaming the same dream......... LOVE them ALL xxx

To play me would have to be a young Meg Ryan..... my soundtrack would have to be 'THE SHOW BY LENKA xxx
When my mum was ill it became my anthem..... turned up super loud!!!
I would cry and twirl round my kitchen all in one go!!! xx
holding my new puppy that arrived the day I said goodbye to my Mum xx

Oh I am very whimsicle as you may have all noticed but this week I am obsessed with
DOTTIE ANGEL BLOG.......... I just LOVE her !!!!! xxxx
....she is a woman of a certain age brave enough to be doing her thing!!! I LOVE that!!!
image credit: Dottie Angel

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