Monday, 13 February 2012

the filing cabinet interviews #0003

 Small geeky girl with soppy tendencies
and a penchant for words and weddings.
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 Long lie-ins and snuggly beds, luxurious lunches and japes with friends, snoozing and reading, cuddling and laughing, winding country roads and no destination, sunshine, good times, boogie.

The Maldives. Our honeymoon was our 4th visit in 7 years. It heals my soul.


image credit - The Wedding Reporter

image credit - Leah Spicer Creative

image credit - efc photography

image credit - efc photography

Watching back to back episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I love me some geeks!

This is going to sound like a cross between a hippy and an 18th century poet, but I'm actually currently inspired by the fact that the days are getting longer. Sunset is my favourite time of day to write and particularly love a sky streaked with the most fantastic colours as the sun disappears.

Well I can tell you that I would NOT allow Anne Hathaway to play me as people have said that we look similar, but I think she's an insipid actress and can't stand her! Soundtrack is a really tough one but I think I'm going to choose "Ooh La La' by Rod Stewart. If you ask me again tomorrow however, I'll probably have changed my mind...

and Promise Tangeman's blog despite her sketchy grasp of punctuation



Books, books and more books!!
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