Monday, 6 February 2012

The Filing Cabinet Interviews #0002

Pretty, writing, home, vintage inspired, treasure,
handmade, paper, gift wrapped, small, garlands,
decoration, delicate, embellished,
stitched, treasures.
I'd just jump on a train to Rye, Bexhill or Lewes and go seasonal sight seeing, I like to take photos all alone as the seasons change, pop in some shops, then maybe buy some locally made bread and cheese or cake to take home.
My favourite escape so far was a weekend in Wales at this cottage, fireside scrabble, simple food, no phone signal, and near to my grandma, can't wait to go back to the mountains.

I have to say McFly! The muscles, the drumming,
the ballroom dancing, oh and the songs.
Everyday and for a long time I have been inspired by Ez of creature comforts blog I just love her blogging style, zeal and commitment, frequent posts, DIY projects, inspiration, always something new when I click over (and that is quite often!) I hope that one day I will be this organised, to post so many inspiring things and so frequently.
Some beautiful instrumental music by Yann Tiersen from C'├ętait ici
and I'd like Fiest to play me please!

A long term obsession is La Port Rouge, I love watching the changing landscape of Nadia's life and surroundings through her lens. A blog with a real soul, sharing beautiful written happy and sad times.


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Lovely gift wrapping by Pia Jane Bijkerk, so thoughtful and beautiful.



Sesame and Lilly said...

Lovely as ever! Jeska is a real inspiration and a lovely lady!

Claire Weir said...

Love this blog, completely satisfies my nosey gene. Laughed out loud that you listed Maroon 5 Moves like Jagger, I love that song and can't listen to it without seeing Harry from Mcfly in all his glory ;-) on the dancefloor!

kat said...

Loving this series Vicky, and such a lovely insight into Jeska's world, her blog was among the first I found & still remains a firm favourite all these years later. I very much relate to the secret crush on Harry ;) and to the admiration of Ez :)
Love kat x

Primchick said...

Lovey... thank you for sharing...

vicky trainor said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - I too have loved the blog pages of lobster and swan since it's early creation many moons ago - and it continues to be an avenue of

Emily said...

I got all excited last night because I realized that your second interview in the series would be up today. I really love this idea and it's been so lovely to read Jeska's interview. She's always so inspirational with all her pretty creations.
Thank you x

vicky trainor said...

thank you so much Emily - so glad you are enjoying this new series - it's great fun for us 'nosey folk'.... lots of wonderful ladies and gents in store (33 waiting in the filing cabinet so far!!!!)...x

Jem said...

I'm really enjoying the Filing Cabinet Interviews!

Jem xXx

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