Wednesday, 22 February 2012

armchair journeys #16

I have a friend - her name is Jane (Mrs Day),
8 years ago I made her stationery,
6 months ago she came back into my life when I
received a little email from her saying a simple
I love her, she makes me smile and her laughter is infectious....
and this is where you can start to love her as much as I do -
by visiting her cherished blog-
her ramblings, her journeys, her days.......
I introduce to you Tea With Ruby
(although you may know her already
she's a very popular girl)....
Cupboard Love

Wine Making Manual

Ariadne & Petunia

The Sitting Room Vintage Collection


Becky Mitchell said...

Aw the 'lovely Mrs Day'. You do realise that's what everyone calls you. xxx

sarah said...

A well deserved dedication...x

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