Saturday, 19 September 2009

grandma's sewing box

As usual my weekend starts on a Saturday evening.....just packing away the last remnants of the day. It is a very rare occasion that we produce favour boxes but we loved the idea of these so much that we couldn't do anything but agree to go ahead. The clients brief was 'my grandma's sewing box', and inside the favour boxes are vintage styled sewing kits, one type for ladies and an other for the gentlemen, that she has made herself and each one contains a personal message to each guest.
"Where do you find the time?" I hear you ask - well - she actually started making them 12 months ago. So if your wedding is still a date in the distance, start planning and make your favour gifts ready for next will then also have time to write little individual notes to each of your guests, making them feel even more special in sharing your special day.....
The favour boxes also doubled up as place card and we stamped the table number on each....remember to email if you would like to discuss any ideas you may have

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