Sunday, 27 December 2009

the sample boxes

Just sneaking a few snapshot hours (away from the festivities) to work on new samples for the 'sample request boxes'. The studio door never totally closes for the holidays, there's always a 'to do' list being written. It also a time when I can start to work on new ideas, colours and place the finishing touches of detailing to the collections for 2010/2011. Here's a selection of photos from The Fauna Collection including the new colour mixes that will be launched on the site at the end of January - Patisserie, Amelie Rose, Bramley & Almond, Noisette, Indigo & Almond. Samples are already available, so just let me know which is your preferred choice of colour(s).

olive, black & white


raspberry, lime & turquoise

amelie rose

french chocolate

indigo & almond

silver & orange

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