Thursday, 6 May 2010

up to my eyes in cardboard

...sat at my desk, feeling a little confused (which is normal!), working through my routine that Thursday always brings, thinking it can't be a week since I was last sat filing, accounting, proofing,....the studio is a wash of boxes all containing 'freshly baked' orders ready to be wrapped in tissue, labelled and dispatched.

Since I have been posting regularly over at the studio snippets blog (here you can see daily/weekly pics from the studio) I feel that I been a bit neglectful here for a while. All to change. Lots of new sampling to show soon. We also have a selection of vintage labels and 'little finds' that would enhance the styling of your reception which we will either post for sale on the blog or place on the 'paper store'. We are just about to paste these, seen below, onto vintage medicine bottles, for our next series of photographs. So keep watching as these will also be going up for grabs (at a price!!) very soon.

1 comment:

Katy Howieson said...

those labels are absolutely gorgeous!


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