Saturday, 10 July 2010

pondering over grey

...repainting the studio walls, can't decide which grey - as if that 's all I have got to do in life is ponder between 'lamp grey' and 'pearl ashes'!!!...especially in this intense and humid heat....(driving the husband mad as I am now onto No16 in sample's got to be right, it's got to be soooo right as I live in this studio for 12 hours a day...not too brown in tone, swinging towards blue, better if duck egg, but can't be too green it has to be grey! and Jamie keeps looking at the Dulux Once White thinking 'life could be so so simple' - it's his chemistry background) - think I need to get out more!..

... we are just about to put our feet up after an exhausting 6th birthday party. Every year I insist on having parties in the garden and every year the idea of hiring a venue seems much more appealling but I am sure next year I'll still be stringing the bunting across the trellis, battling with the gazebo 'just in case it rains!' and painting more tigers, garden fairies, pirates and butterflies to keep the face painting industry going for another year....right... just going to hop over a jelly spotted path that leads to my favourite spot in the garden, catch the last bit of sun and stare at all the unwanted party food embedded in the hosta leaves....why do kids do that??????

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