Thursday, 9 September 2010

wine or calculator

...sat at the empty packing table in the studio - only one more order to finish this week and then the weekend is all mine. Finally a weekend off. Thought I had better get on top of my accounts and the house is nice and quiet. Not a receipt numbered or documented or a sum been added as I can't stop looking at the gladiolis on the table. The light keeps changing in the studio and every time I look up they look so different. I love how, at this time of year, you always spot 'glads' in the odd photo shoot where a bride has been a little bit daring and placed a dramatic setting in the middle of each table either in rainbow colours, the darkest of reds and purples or pure whites against simple washes of colour or retro fabric tablecloths and napkins. Fabulously nostalgic. Right, do I pick up the wine or calculator first????

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