Saturday, 19 February 2011

lampshades, ladders and dahlias are a few tearings, from our scrapbook, a little inspiration as spring is about to call upon us...

...this year is the year of the lampshade!!!. For someone who hoards anything and everything, this just gives me an excuse to go vintage hunting. Whether you hang them from trees, marquees, washing lines or pile them high, they will add a theatrical touch to your day. It is vital that you add your own touch with lace, fringing, tassles and not forgetting pompom trimming!!

...or why not go for these graphic, barkcloth, retro mix cylinders
all hung in one space to create a dramatic backdrop to your home made photo booth???...
lampshade love - image credit -

...if you are dressing way above the knee then a hint of the bohemian
must be attached to the thigh!!
image credit - lo boheme

...I am loving the ladder - keep seeing it pop up here and there - instant shelving!!!!

...the introduction of spring through the subtle use of birch buds and in a few weeks the blossom will start to cascade slowly. A mix of the home made and gentle styling - a little pruning around the gardens of family and friends (please ask first!!) could make for some dramatic and creative displays, even the lilac trees will bloom with their strong scent in the upcoming months.
image credit - kiss the groom
...there is nothing more pleasing than the simplicity of clear glass and white...
image credit via merriment events

image credit - green wedding shoes
image credit - unknown
inspiration - doors and windows above to receipt tape wrapped around a hanging pole.
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest........
image credit 100 layer cake
...vintage medicine and perfume bottles sit on a table of old kitchen scales and I the idea of 'wanted-marital advice' for all to contribute will make a talking point for the reception!!!...
image credit 100 layer cake

...mix matching the bridemaids dresses always looks so much fun
and much more interesting (see above)...
image credit - wedding chicks
I read in a post last year that a bride gave her bridemaids a little envelope that contained a colour palette, her theme and a small budget, they were to choose their own bridesmaid dress. The bride had said how this looked fabulous on the day as each one was dressed so differently and it reflected their own personality, but it worked they all looked fabulous together.... I wish i could find the photo to show you - I will keep looking...
and finally my love for dahlias continues (if you have been a follower for a while you will notice that a year can't go by without me posting a feature on these gorgeous frilly blooms). I love how they have been dressed here with cameo and lace.
image credit - the brides cafe

enjoy your weekend.....

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