Tuesday, 8 March 2011

potter and sort

...today is supposed to be my day off - my last one was 9 days ago - but what comes with being extremely busy is the need for a serious and focused tidy and re-organisation of what is supposed to be called 'my studio'. So, I will potter and sort, make a few business cards, and basically be distracted by the pile of mags that have been building into a tower. Oh Comely arrived yesterday - I have purposefully left it in its envelope but that will be my first point of distraction I am sure.....
The last few days have been fun. I have been sampling away, working on commisions that have been awaiting patiently to be made. So here's a little snap shot of what I have been up to.
Little sweet linen pouches for Lauren - violet may - a beautiful idea of violet seeds in a little wrap and attached to a tag that will be placed into the pouches in memory of her grandmother.
Two vintage drawer signs that have been specially made for photographer Emily Quinton.
A vintage drawer sample pack ready to be wrapped and sent on it's way to Enrica.
A new collection of signs that have been made for Hannah over at Sweet Dream Events who is currently working on an exciting little styling venture....(more samples can be seen over at Studio Snippets)
...and a little vintage drawer sign for the launch photographs of Katy Howieson's new collection - coming soon!!!

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