Monday, 21 November 2011

When Vicky met Daisy

Once upon a Time at a fabulous soiree in August Vicky met Daisy.

A friendship blossomed, and we have chatted, laughed,

nagged and pestered each other ever since

Well yesterday, through thick dense fog and wonderful A1 roadworks

I went to meet Daisy as well as the wonderful Mrs Scoops.

Non stop chat and general mischievousness filled the day.

And I love them both dearly.

Well what has that got to do with these photos I hear you ask??

Well, Daisy is actaully Ali,

but she runs a fabulous little business in Warwick

and in a little beautifully wrapped white handbag box

was these three gorgeous hand crafted bundles of sweetness.

So here they are and I couldn't resist phtoographing them this morning.

Ali can also send her little iced pretties through the post to you.

How fabulous is that!!!!

(cupcakes can be bought in sets of six)

(oh! And the stationery is mine - obviously!!)


Jem said...

Such artful cupcake loveliness can be procured through the post!? Now that is what I call magic :-)

Jem xXx

vicky trainor said...

Hi Jem!

The problem is when such loveliness has a delivery option I will get tempted everytime there is an occasion in this householdxxx

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