Monday, 18 June 2012

The Filing Cabinet Interviews File#0011

Classic, Style, Joy, Timeless, Delicate,
Passion, Eras, Colour, Sunshine, Floral, Cake, Happy




I couldn't pick just the one person, I admire Christina Strutt of Cabbages and Roses for her style and ease and faded florals. Sally Bailey of Baileys Home and Garden for creating pared down calm re loved interiors, I had the pleasure of going to the Baileys store near Ross on Wye which was a joy. Coco Chanel because of where she came from to where she ended up and all the chic in between. There are many more but finally the one and only Vicky Trainor, as I have said before my inspirational goddess!

My life title soundtrack would be
Noah and the Whale ~ Five Years Time  
 Life changes so quickly, 5 years ago I would never
of guessed I would be doing this and
who knows what 5 more will bring.
 By the way Carey Mulligan will play me
but only if she gains curves!

I have many pleasures and feel no guilt, here are a few ~ Green and Blacks milk chocolate, fine malbec wine, interior books, cushions, Gardeners World (with a glass of malbec) Sebastian Chabal (big hairy French rugby player, don't know why but he makes my heart rate increase) Formula One.

For her genius and humour, and damn amazing flowers,
I love it.

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Pinterest seems so fleeting yet you pin things to look at everyday. My favourite changes on a daily/weekly basis, so today this is it nothing beats a wooden table with a cup of tea and cottage garden flowers sitting on it.

Paying a visit with my two partners in crime (Robert and Ruby) to Nunnington Hall ~ I adore it's faded grandeur, beautiful gardens and escapism into another time, sheer heaven.

 The Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, when I go there it is like going home. The view from our tent on the farm where we stay never ceases to calm, to make you take stock and breath that little bit slower, you stop for a while and just be, what more can I say.

Only 5 thats just mean! and has taken an age to come up with as I love far too many and didn't want to leave any out for instance Elbow, Kings of Leon and so on!

If I could choose one more it would be classical music, J S Bach, Violin Concerto No 1 in A minor to be precise, it conjures up images of Versailles, running through the hall of mirrors dressed like Marie Antoinette!

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Alison aka Daisy said...

gorgeous! x

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