Thursday, 9 December 2010

I live my life by lists

..the thrill of starting a new note book still ignites the same feeling I had when a school book was completed and you were handed your new one to crease back the first page, pencil sharpened to a pin point and ready to go, writing tightly between the lines, numbers perfectly written within the printed now a new year is about to start I hunt for my new 'to do' books. Every evening before I finish I construct my to do list for the following day. I live my life by lists, and then, once a task is complete, have the satisfaction of running a line through as a mark of completion. Maybe I should start to make a 'teacher's comment' at the end of the day in red biro - 'well done', 'need to concentrate harder', 'over used punctuation', 'remember to use your finger spacing'....

image credit: top four from present and correct bottom from papermash


Green Pickles said...

hello! you have SUCH A GORGEOUS blog!
I'm your newest follower and would love you to follow me back:

have a lovely day!
love from

Georgia Coote said...

I'm a list girl also - nothing beats crossing something through when it's done! x

vicky trainor said...

maybe we should form a secret list society??

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