Monday, 6 December 2010

an organised mind by the end of the day is one of those contented, satisfying days where I can potter around, tidy, organise, file, make decisions(?), as I have a list of small tasks that need to be done before I can concentrate fully on the next set of orders...should result in an organised mind by the end of the day...

Complete sample packs for the new vintage drawer collection and send.

Finalise colour palettes for 2012.

Iron and store linens.

Organise snippet bowl of ribbons and catalogue.

Order stock card for next year.

Look at new paper and card samples that have been building up in the corner of the room for the new collections (coming soon)...!!!

Finish press releases.

File sample requests that have come through over the weekend.

Re-shuffle cups and plates so all can fit on the rail...decide which will feature with the new collection.

Order pins and linen tape from Selvedge.

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