Thursday, 14 July 2011

place names and china cups

Good morning all - can't believe we have arrived at Thursday already. The week has flown.
I've been busy this week working on printed collections from Cartmel, Winter, Vintage Rose and sat in 'sewing corner' working on a couple of orders for The Vintage Drawer.

I thought you may like to see these lovely little linens about to go to their new home. Their tie has been placed to one side as Lisa will be tieing them to the handles of pretty china tea cups. The place name ties are £4.00 each and they have a fair few uses!! Firstly the obvious function as a place name for your table setting, we have also produced a little set for a client who will be wrapping them around the stem of all of the bridesmaids bouquets, another who has purchased a set to tie around her gift boxes. (more images of place names can be seen here). Whatever their use all I ask is that your minimum order is for the qunatity of 10. I also have bride and groom sets of the flat linen place names over at Etsy and these are £8 per set.

Right, must dash, I have an appointment with a sewing case....

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