Thursday, 7 July 2011

thrilled - I tell you - thrilled!!!!


I haven't posted for a while. Been a bee that has been a little busy.

Now you may have noticed this icon already on the right hand side - and you may have clicked and voted already - and if so - I thank you with all my heart - I really do appreciate your support.

I was a little shocked, surprised, excited, when I received a letter from The Editor of Perfect Wedding magazine to say that they had selected me (in their opinion) as one of the top five stationers to be nominated for the Best Wedding Stationery Category in their 2011 Awards. Eeeek!! I was quite blown away - little ol' me working away in this tiny studio was up for an award - a 'national award'!!!!

Now comes the big part guys 'n' gals - I need your votes!!! And your friends votes, and your families, and all your followers on facebook and twitter to get behind me and vote for me (if you think I am worthy!!) Spread the word and make this little ol' stationer a happy one.... The winner will be announced in Perfect Wedding magazine on sale in the awards issue from 7th September!!

You can click here to vote or the Awards icons here on my blog. You will be taken to their voting page, you will need to vote for each category and you also have the chance to win a Spa break too!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Phew - that was a bit of a promotional moment......

1 comment:

christine said...

So very pleased and happy for you Vicky. This is really great news...and no less than you deserve. I shall be hitting the voting button again and again and again.....! Good Luck. Christine

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