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My perfect day is a simple unhurried sort of day and one that I would choose not to spend on my own but with a friend who loves and values having time to potter without children as much as I do!! (although we love our children dearly of course!!)
The day would begin with walking my daughter to school which is a time that we often have a little chat about what is happening in her life (she's only 6 but you wouldn't believe the trouble she's having with boys trying to kiss her all the's such a tough life) I always love the way she asks me to carry her book bag so she can hold my hand and carry her lunch box in the other. I always spend a few moments in her classroom with her before then meeting my friend Louise outside the school gates and we wander off to the local cafe for tea and croissants. We met when we were both pregnant with our girls and 6 years on we are still great friends. We live near the Gloucester Rd in Bristol which is one of the best high streets of independent shops in the UK. It's a fantastic community and also full of charity shops which of course always fills me with excitement to see what treasures I can find. I think it is literally having the time and slow pace to explore, discover and savour the time to be myself, to really take notice of what is around me and forget all the ups and downs of life for a few hours. There is an amazing cafe at the end of the high street called Tart and lunch here is always amazing and a real treat so a great way to finish off the day before getting back for the school run and figuring out what exactly we are going to have for tea.

 I do love Hope Cove and Salcombe in Devon to escape too. For the past 4 years I have spent the Easter holidays down there and feel very lucky that I live just up the motorway and  so near to such beautiful and breathtaking places. I go down with a great friend of mine and all the children love the hours spent on the beach digging and building on the beach while we put up our specially bought little deckchair seats and get out the chocolate and the magazines. It's bliss all round and just perfect.

Holding blackboard bubble: this was at my launch party which I never had when I actually did start the business from home and maybe thought I couldn't really do one as I still teach part time so it doesn't really count?! I was overwhelmed at the support from the wedding world and the fantastic friends I have made because of the industry I am now in. The photo booth was a fun way of celebrating the fact my little idea in my head had become a little reality.
Table styling: this is one of my favourite weddings that I styled in one of my favourite venues (Westbury-on-Trym village hall in Bristol) I still get so many comments from this wedding and quite a few bookings for my services at this venue based on this photo!
and tweet up photo: I started the Bristol tweet up's last year purely because I worked from home, on my own, wanted to meet other fab creative minds and to enjoy a glass of wine while doing so. Simple as that really and the evenings have grown and grown which has showed me that more formal networking events or clubs weren't for everyone and actually meeting other amazingly creative minds in one place was inspiring and wonderful.
Perfect Wedding award: this was a complete surprise and was awarded by the magazine to me when they had seen my work and asked me to write a few articles for them about styling your wedding reception. I love to step outside the box and do things a little differently and so this sits very proudly on my mantlepiece in the lounge!

Butlers in the Buff: This photo always makes me giggle and reminds me of a great evening at another tweet up organised by Wedding Ideas magazine and the Marry Me in Somerset girls. With my surname being Butler how could i not go and say hello to these fine looking men!

Currently car boot sales and I totally blame Ali from Bristol Vintage for passing on the bug of looking for and finding hidden vintage treasures!! So much fun!!

My inspiration is always coming from things around me! Whether it be a shop window, a magazine cover, Pinterest, travelling around or the amazing blogs that are out there.

This was a tricky one but I think one of my favourites from childhood and now reborn in The Muppets movie is 'Rainbow Connection'. The words are just so lovely and simple and it's so dreamy and Kermit is a legend.

I'm really loving an American blog at the moment
I discovered the blog through Twitter and have just loved all the ideas and real weddings that have been featured. The styling & inspiration is fab!

I've just got into this after resisting for a while, scared that I would get addicted to something else that would eat up my precious free time but actually it has been a great tool in my styling, ideas for photo shoots and gaining inspiration from around the globe! A great idea!! Hopefully have attached favourite image at the moment!!
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