Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Filing Cabinet Interviews File#0009

Vintage  .  Stylish  .  Bespoke
Happy  .  Bright  .  Dedicated
Cupcakes  .  Weddings  .  Workshops
Baking  .  Cosy  .  Friendly
Victoria Sponge  .  Lemon Drizzle  .  Smile
Celebration  .  Delicious

I wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and the sound of my mum beavering away in the kitchen making a breakfast of poached eggs (just laid) and toast (just baked) Me and Ben, my husband are tucked up in bed in my parents beautiful, relaxing cottage in West Wales, we are on holiday there. We wake up and go downstairs to the wonderful smells, we eat breakfast and drink coffee (for ages!) then get ready to take Rhos our lurcher (and true owner of the cottage!) for a long walk across the fields and alongside the river, its a beautiful, warm, sunny day and it smells of freshly cut grass outside. We walk with Rhos with the sun on our faces, spotting birds along the way. The whole day is basically one of walking and fresh coffee drinking and just being surrounded by family, feeling relaxed and happy and just content with the world!

Calke Abbey - This is where Ben proposed to me, in amongst the bluebell woods in Spring, this is a picture of me walking in the Autumn there getting away from it all.

Probably watching Don’t Tell The Bride in the bath, I am ashamed to say that I love it and I always cry at the end which is ridiculous!

I feel inspired by my mum, her strength and determination always astounds me. She has just got another part time job after being retired for 5 years and I am really proud of her. Also now that I am older and thinking of having children myself she makes me realise how hard she worked at things when we were small and we had a brilliant childhood all three of us; my two brothers and me.

The soundtrack would be Janelle Monae - Tightrope
Not only is it an amazing song that makes me feel the absolute need to get up and dance, it makes me think that no matter what life gives you; the highs and lows, you have to take chances and not be afraid.
I would like to think that Audrey Hepburn would play me in a film of my life, I adore her!

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