Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Packing for The Wedding Institute

Back in January 'me' and photographer Becky Mitchell (as well as lots of creative and talented folk) worked very hard in styling and photographing The Rigwood Manor shoot. 

From that collective the idea for The Wedding Institute was born – a wedding fair new to the North Yorkshire/Teesside/North East area that is specialising in a more creative/vintage/design based approach to the more traditional generic wedding fair. 

Well, after months of organising this is now taking place in the coastal town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea in the Community Arts Hall (attached to the theatre) on Sunday April 29th.   The very first event 'The Wedding Institute @ The Village Hall"

There is such a wonderful mix of exhibitors – you can meet them over at The Wedding Institute’s Facebook page (inspiring images are also posted daily).
Alongside the 18 exhibitors there will be a tea room to sit and relax and enjoy tea and cake while listening to live music.  There will also be a boudoir section where you will have the opportunity to have your hair styled in a victory roll, your make-up applied with a 40’s or 50’s look and even the chance to be pampered and have your nails done. 

It is also a small intimate affair, we want you to come and‘hang out’ with us and not just ‘visit’. We want you to leave with a refreshing cluster of new suppliers to help you with your styling and wedding planning. We would love for you to make new friends, to have fun, to laugh, to have a day out, to be totally immersed in the creativity and vintageness of organising your big day. We want to inspire you to allow your personality to come through into the styling of your day and for your wedding to be true to you and the love you have for each other.

The event has it's own little blog to follow with lots of information and a page to buy tickets (click here).  Prices for tickets are as follows:

1 ticket: £3.00
2 tickets: £5.00
3 tickets: £7.00

For the last week I have been busy sorting/collecting/making ready to sell vintage finds/Printed Stationery/The Vintage Drawer hand mades for the event. Problem that I have is now having to decide what to take and what to leave behind – so I leave you with a collection of images of my findings and sortings as well as the 10m length of bunting that I am slowly stitching together - so until the next post!!!!

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