Monday, 5 March 2012

filing cabinet interviews #0005, creative, illustrative, colourful, uk made, not fashion, story telling, vintage inspired, 1950's,
a twist, art on a dress, hard work, absorbing, never stops...

I like adventures, I love the seaside and to wonder without really knowing where to or what is going to happen. A cup of tea has to be involved somewhere. I am often on my bike so a little cycle ride out is always great, right now I am dreaming of summer and having a little kip in a lovely green sunny park.

I love a good car boot and a bit of a rummage, who knows what you could find ...

I don't know about favourite places, perhaps the north york moors and the east coast.
I love saltburn actually, it is one of my favourite places,
my studio, Morocco.



...watching i player in the bath with a glass of wine...

Inspiration comes from all over really, a lot of my inspiration comes from artists and illustrators from the 1950's. Books like Milly Molly Mandy, one end street, next thing i want to research is butterflies.

Old photographs, hand smocking.

I'm not sure about this, i consider my life to be all about work and not much else for the past 5 years which would make a very boring film.I am going to try and rectify this over the coming years. I will have to think about the soundtrack, the title of the film might be, all things in colour because i think colour is brilliant. The next part of the film will be all about finding a husband, any ideas ? for blogs I can't think, but I like this one and yours of course vicky

I have only recently been looking at blogs so not much knowledge,




Sarah Spence said...

I know Bryony and her family from childhood and meeting up with her last week brought back lots of memories. What she has done with the relaunch of Poppy over the past 5 years is fabulous..she is an amazing talent. Her quest to find a husband should be a doddle!!!
Thank you for sharing,
Sarah x

Daisy said...

Lovely lady, gorgeous dresses
Ali x

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