Monday, 12 March 2012

The Filing Cabinet Interviews #0006

  Indulgent, creative, stylish, bespoke, time consuming, therapeutic, passionate, original, delicious, addictive, absorbing

This really is just a fantasy as I am hopeless at escaping. I invent things to fill any space I have when I am not working, feeling guilty if I ‘waste’ time! My perfect escape day ... breakfast out somewhere quiet, a walk round a market town, lunch in a lovely pub with a fire, snooze, afternoon tea with girlfriends, home to a clean house and dinner in the oven! (dream on!)

 I can really begin to relax when my husband and I go on holiday to The Isles of Scilly, twice a year. I switch off and let him make the decisions, it’s beautiful, remote and tranquil.

Image Credit: Billingham Photography

Watching Homes Under The Hammer – love it, and if I can get away with it, I also love Flog it!

 I 'flit' from one thing to another, often with no real direction, just wherever a website or blog or train of thought takes me. But it it usually always in search of quirky kitchenalia, both old and new, gorgeous flowers and my passion for all things 'pretty'. This invariably leads me to yours truly on a daily basis, for I adore everything that Vicky Trainor puts her hand to, beautiful linens, lace, flowers all of which inspire me to create pretty adornments for my luscious little cakes.

My friends inspire me too - I am fortunate to have such fabulous friends, all of whom are talented, brave, clever and loving women, each with their own story to tell. I am indeed a lucky lady.

Abba, Thank You For The Music!  Have  loved music very much all my life. The leading role .... Alison Steadman!


Chocolate and Lime Tart


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Julie Cliff said...

Loved reading this!!! Alison's cupcakes are works of art I could look at them all day!! Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Alison I have seen your amazing cupcake designs and they are out of this world... You need to do a book now.
Love Clare at

Oooh Betty said...

Lovely blog post.
The cupcakes are out of this world. The lace one....oh my!

vicky trainor said...

Ali entered my life last summer - just like one of her cakes, sweet, adorable, decorative, a colourful burst of joy, everytime I meet Ali I learn something new about her - she is an absolute treasure and a dear friend for you Ali xxx

Becky Mitchell Photography said...

A blooming marvellous lady!! xxxx

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