Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Filing Cabinet Interviews File #0013

Feminine, Strong, Timeless, Elegant, Gorgeous, Satisfying, Special, Individual,
Exquisite, Dedicated

As a Born and bred Northerner living in the South, I am still mesmerised by the streets
of London.  We live so close that on a day off, I often drive into town and just wander..
I love to sit in cafe's and watch the world go by - gaining inspiration from ordinary,
everyday people and their diversity of style.  Perhaps meet up with a friend for a gossip, a mooch, perhaps an exhibition finishing  with a laid back dinner before heading home.

This would have to be a little village in the Southern French Alps called Montgenevre.  I have been going there for the past 18 years. I first travelled there at the age of 24 with all my worldly possessions packed into 1 holdall and worked for £30 per week, a ski pass, board, lodge and free wine!! (very important). I worked there for a few seasons but continued to holiday there and met my husband there on Christmas Day 11 years ago! He too had been visiting for years - so for both of us it is a sort of spiritual home. We go back at least once a year and my daughter has now been skiing there since she was 3 and a half..she loves it too.

image credit Shaneen Rosewarne Cox
Image Credit: Tux and Tales

image credit: Charlotte Griffiths

A good bottle of Red and a big pile of mags...ok, and perhaps Rupert Penry Jones!

On a personal level, I am inspired by strong women. From an early age I was brought up surrounded by hardworking, self respecting women and this has definitely affected my thought process and the way that I live my life.  I hugely admire and respect women who, against all the odds, make successes of their lives - and to me, success is not just measured by what is in their bank account. I gain constant inspiration from the incredible, talented women I meet daily through twitter (which includes you Vicky, of course..!!) and other social mediums and am constantly overwhelmed by the infallible support I receive. Rose & Aster takes inspiration from a hugely diverse playing field. I am currently researching for my new blog and have studied Jewellery Icons throughout the years. From the Hollywood Glamour of Marilyn, Grace & Elizabeth, From Eva Peron to Coco Chanel right through to our current favourite muse Catherine Middleton. I take huge inspiration from how a piece of jewellery can give a woman the confidence to shine and I constantly endeavor to offer inspirational, often timeless collections that enable women to do just this.

Soundtrack to the film of my life would be 'Feeling Good’ by Muse - Turn it up loud  and sing!  Rose & Aster is a new life for me and I am most definitely Feeling Good!!!!
I suppose if I had to choose someone to play myself in a film it would have to be Brooke Shields. For years and years, my best friend Kate Fletcher (@vintagehire) and I have called each other Brooke and Bo (Derek) and even now still sign our emails/cards etc with those names!

Rather than words, I am obsessed with visuals and spend hours trawling photography blogs/instagram/flickr/tumblr which encourage you to look at the world around you differently.  It is my little bit of escapism. There are just too many sites to mention although I do check in at and regularly. I have completed the first module in a photography degree through the Open University and really hope to revisit this in the future when hopefully I have a little more time!

I am only just getting into Pinterest as I have always been more of a Tumblr/Instagram addict. I have a new favourite image on a daily basis but it usually involves something with a hint of love in softy at heart!



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