Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Filing Cabinet Interviews File #0015

Fun quirky colourful nostalgic creative handmade British durable hand painted

Staying somewhere with a sea view so that I could wake up to the sound of seagulls and waves. A leisurely breakfast and a walk along the beach with my family. Playing with the kids and having a picnic in the sunshine. A wander round some vintage shops or some pretty clifftop gardens. Finishing the day with fish and chips or an evening in an old fashioned pub with friends

Always the seaside…I love the English seaside - North Norfolk especially and Devon is also a favourite. Can’t beat a day on the beach with buckets and spades!

image credit Emma Case

 image credit Eddie Judd Photography

I am obsessed with quiz shows! I love Only Connect even though some of the questions are ridiculously hard but current favourite has to be Pointless. I love sitting down with a cuppa to watch it once the kids are in bed before the evening mayhem of work and chores starts again! Getting a pointless answer is a joy..how sad am I!!

(need to get out more obviously…!)

Everything inspires me…from magazines to films and books, my kids, a snippet of conversation, a colour, a photograph – anything can set off an idea. One of the most inspiring things for me right now seem to be photography blogs…I could look at them for hours. Some of their beautiful images are breath-taking and they fuel my imagination.

I asked Steve (aka Mr kipperchops) who he thought could play me in a film of my life and he said ‘Salma Hyek’…pretty blummin’ pleased with that I can tell you! (that’s why I love him!)
I guess if I was picking actresses that I love I’d choose Anna Friel, Rachel Wiesz or Juliet Binoche (so elegant)
The soundtrack was a hard choice…something soft and seaside-y would be lovely for the intro (like ‘At The River’ by Groove Armada) but something a bit more upbeat would probably suit me better! (or maybe something from Calamity Jane…I am a big clumsy oaf!!)

I adore reading blogs..they are so fascinating. All sorts of blogs appeal – lifestyle, creative, wedding, photography, homelife …I could lose hours (and have!) but currently Happy Loves Rosie  has to be a favourite.

I go back to Happy’s page time and time again – there is always so much to look at! I love her vintage finds and her fabulous caravan and it’s a joy to read.

I think Pinterest is brilliant! I’ve always loved making up my own moodboards and this just makes the whole process easier! There are some beautiful images out there and some hilarious stuff too. I’m finding it so hard to choose!!  Can I have a funny one and a pretty one please??

Ok I went with a funny one from my Quirky Cute and Curious board as there were far too many pretty pics to choose from! (this one always makes me smile)

Music has played a big part in my life so I’ve usually got the radio or ipod playing while I work. I have eclectic taste from Classical to heavy 70s Rock and everything in between! One of my favourite albums is the soundtrack to Chocolat – I have played it a million times but never tire of the beautiful pieces of music. It really depends wat kind of mood I’m in but generally I’ll put my ipod on shuffle and see what surprises I get. I’ve picked a few songs but I could have chosen hundreds more!!


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