Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Filing Cabinet Interviews File#0014

Embellished, re-loved, french, creative, bespoke,
vintage treasures, homeware, beading geek,
lace lover, hand embroidery

I'd jump on Eurostar with my husband and travel to Paris
where I would wander around the beautiful antique market
of Porte de Clignancourt.

There, I would purchase beautiful antique textiles
and treasures before heading to my favourite
restaurant Robert et Louise.
If it was to be back here in England,
then everyone knows that put me at a car boot
and im a happy lady hunting for bargins!

Sewerby Hall where I have been escaping to since
I was a little girl when my parents took me,
and their parents took them there too.
I plan to take my children there, and grandchildren....


Drumstick sweets and youtube,
hunting old grunge bands from my youth
and pretending im 15 again.

I'm currently in love with the blog
I love Janes' use of colour and layout-
especially her vintage bird postcards
and pops of neon pink!


I adore lace and beads, so find the work of Emma Cassi
beautiful and unique, I hope that my birthday present
might be one of her necklaces!

Pink shells necklace

My two biggest inspirations are my mum and husband.
My mum has dealt in antique textiles all her life
so being surrounded by beautiful textiles
growing up was pretty inspiring!
Plus she is a strong,loving wonderful person
who has supported me and encouraged me
all through my life.
My husband iIfind inspiring because he has forever
encouraged me to do my own thing and be creative.
He also puts up with standing on numerous
pins/needles/beads on a daily basis
in our home and lets me decroate our
home with my array of 'Mad Auntie style'.

I would love someone like Sophie Dahl

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson Black and White Wallpaper - 1024x768
to play my leading role
and for the title soundtrack anything by
the band The Pink Monkey Birds

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