Friday, 27 May 2011

cleansed, toned and moisturised...

...every month or so I get to the point where I have had enough, brain ceases to a hault, there's a malfunction. I can't think straight any more and all my lists don't make sense as I can't compute their order.

Wherever I turn in the studio there is STUFF. And being a hoarder there is a lot of STUFF. Order files, orders in holding files, account files, bowls of buttons, tins of buttons, card, envelopes, piles of magazines read, piles of magazines still to read, mail inbox, mail outbox, linens laundered and ironed, linens just arrived in the service wash pile, packing table, production table, 'whatever it fancies being today' table.

So today I have cleansed, toned and moisturised every nook and cranny of this studio. It feels good to look around and see surfaces, tidy surfaces, no clutter, everything in its place. There's even tiny vases full of snippets from the garden, the smell of roses and beeswax combined. I am now at peace with the workplace.

Have a lovely weekend, hope you have something naughty planned (let me know if you do)....!

1 comment:

Sarah - Super Glossy Blog said...

aaaahhhhh Vicky - i think your studio just sounds like the most lovely place. I just wish my clutter was so pretty! must be lovely to feel organised though - i hope to get to that stage one day!

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