Monday, 16 May 2011

feel quite horizontal was your weekend, are we fresh as daisies?

I have spent quite a few weeks working every day and finally had a bit of time off this weekend, it was treat weekend, all about the girls. Problem is, I have now had a little too much fresh air and feel quite horizontal. Sometimes I am not very good at taking time away from the business, as it can take a while to build back the momentum. So I am now counting down the days to the next venture over the doorstep, lots of walking, bbq's, deck chair sitting, magazine flicking, duck feeding, sleeping, oh and some bloody sun would be nice!....Can't remember the last time I saw some sun where you could wear something floaty and not knitted. It is the north east coast and our summer tends not to start until September - but finishes in September too - the delight of sea mist and breeze stops any rays from hitting the garden of no 17.

So completed an order today, set the printers for the orders this week and then finished the little bitty jobs that have been waiting patiently. Here are a couple of new signs that are going up on Etsy today. I had a few purchases last week where people preferred to buy direct, which is fine, just let me know which sign you would like and I can email an invoice through detailing payment options. Annnddd remember we are holding a discount for May - 10% off - just type in VINTAGELOVE1 at the checkout.

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